Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Dr. Jennifer Pearson

Probably like you, my life is grounded by multiple four-legged family members.  They cause me stress and occasional heartache (and make sure I never sleep past dawn), but that is more than balanced by the joy and unconditional love they bring.

When I first entered veterinary school, I did so with a goal of learning what causes animal pain and fear, and how to fix it.  I did learn a lot, and once I graduated, sometimes what I learned was quite useful.  But the longer I practiced, the more I began to see repetition in my patients.  The same few symptoms.  The same few chronic diseases.  The same few side effects.  After seeing enough of this, I started to wonder if there was anything more I could be doing to help prevent and treat those problems.

At the same time, on a personal level, I too experienced a small batch of repetitive, gradually worsening symptoms in my own body.  In my case, conventional medical treatments offered little to no relief, so I began, little by little, to explore a more holistic approach to my own health.  Rather than focusing on symptoms alone, I began to focus more on enhancing my own wellness.  I also turned to some integrative medical treatments for symptom relief and general support.  And gradually, my health improved.

As I began to live differently and feel better, gaps inevitably appeared between the way I was now taking care of myself and the way I was, and always had been, taking care of both my pets and my patients.  A disconnect had formed between the two, and it wasn’t comfortable.

Gradually, I realized that I wasn’t alone in this disconnect.  More people every year seemed curious about potential complementary treatments for their pets, but like most veterinarians, my training often left me without the knowledge base to adequately answer their questions.  I researched every question as much as I could, but eventually realized that I needed to do more.

Eventually, in the summer of 2012, I re-invested in my medical education in order to learn a more holistic, wellness-based way of healing.  Soon thereafter, I founded Healing Path Animal Wellness to serve as both an information source and healing center for those pets and families in need of an expanded medical approach.

When the strict conventional approach either doesn’t work, isn’t wanted, or isn’t enough for a pet, a wellness-based, holistic healing approach can often help.  We aim not only to offer integrative healing modalities for dogs and cats, but also, in the process, to offer an integrative understanding of pet health for people in search of it.  We guide you and your pet along your own healing path in a way that is knowledgeable, compassionate, and empowering.